I'm back!

SJW was amazing. Ah-MAA-ZING!

I went mainly so I could overcome the mental block I had created when it came to bootblacking and perhaps to come away with some ideas for improved communication and balance in our relationship.

I got that. And so much more.

I have no idea why I didn't think about meeting people before I went. But I didn't. I never even thought that I would add people to friend's lists and that these would be people that I actually consider friends. That I would share things and look forward to sharing more AND hope to see these people again. I want to go and visit other groups. I got a greater community out of this weekend, that I not only didn't expect, but never even thought about.

I don't think I delved as deep into the introspective side of me as, in retrospect, I would have liked. But I got a lot out of the weekend and just felt GOOD leaving it. Plus I have my book. I plan on reading more of the essays in it and working through the worksheets in the future.

Though not this weekend because WHOA things are busy. Two dinners at 7 on Friday, but we're only going to make one. Then hopefully we'll make the art walk in Mid-City. Then Rocky Horror! Then Saturday we have two crawfish bowls, some charity show, and...something else that I can't even remember right now. Plus a few other things that we aren't even considering making because there are only so many hours in the day and weekend.

Plus I'm currently taking a new kitten under consideration. And he's in Metairie so we'd have to travel to go pick him up. I don't know - we have to discuss. Right now I'm waiting on my man to get home and indulging in my late-night-he's-not-here vice: Murder She Wrote. I think I'm going to grab his boots and do some work on them while I indulge.


This weekend was all about kickball. We had fun, but I've come away with a finger injury. The ring finger of my left hand is either severely strained or possibly even fractured. It's swollen and there is a weird strip of discoloration across my knuckle.

Thankfully the splint we put on it today seems to have helped. You don't even realize how much you use that finger until it hurts every time you do.

Work is going okay - though very busy with some new stuff and I've been doing pretty good with my eating and working out lately. Which makes me happy. Any I enjoyed making the person I love very happy on Groundhog's day this year. Which made me very happy.

But boy - am I looking forward to the Mardi Gras holidays!!

Holy buhjeezus!

It's been nearly two months since I've updated!! How did that happen?

So in two months I ... finished my novel, had a Christmas party, had a great Christmas vacation in Tennessee, was ready for work to start back up, had to pay a LOT more money to fix my very stupid car, worried some about our funding getting cut by the state, eaten very healthy, done lots of yoga and worked out every day in January. Two months in one sentence, how's that?

Today I had to be at work early so I actually laid out all my clothes, packed up my yoga bag, made my snack and breakfast to take to work the night before. So I work up ten minutes before I had to be out the door and then was actually out the door in ten minutes. Only to discover that my battery was dead. Great. A quick trip to auto zone and some finagling by my super awesome boyfriend and I was on my way. I was only an hour late and he was right on time, so I guess things could have gone worse, but jeez! Plus, any other day, I would have just had him take me to the office, but today I had to leave the office to go observe a presentation, so I HAD to have my car. Then this afternoon ten minutes after I left the office for this presentation, I got a phone call and discovered that the presentation wasn't happen. For the love chocolate!

It was a day of big annoyances. No travesties, but dude, not really fun stuff either.

I'm looking forward to the weekend and fun times. Hope I see some people out! ;)


I have less than 10K to do on my novel and I DON'T. WANT. TO.

I am so done with Nano. I have no idea why. I've just run out of steam. The only thing that's pushing me along right now is that I am not wasting the damn 40 thousand words I have written this month. I will combine them with ten thousand more and claim my purple bar of victory.

Even if I don't want to.

Now I'm off to do dishes so I can start working on some food for tomorrow (Yay Thanksgiving!) and then I can come back to the computer and do another few thousand words. I'm already over half way to my word goal for the day.

Nano Crazy!

The past two weeks have been a whirlwind of writing and working and kickball and friends and writing and writing and writing.

I'm pretty much right on schedule with my novel, which is pretty impressive. I got fairly far behind, but caught up and got ahead on Friday when I wrote 7,500 words. Things are good. Lots to do today including the writing, so I'm off to do it!

Na. No. Wri. Mo!!!

There was much debate as to if I was going to participate this year. Mostly because my laptop is...pretty much dead. I could pay to revive it, but I choose not to, as I would rather save for a brand new one that will be shiny and fast and not weigh over fifteen pounds. But the boyfriend says I can use his laptop, so...yay! Nano!!!

I'm very excited this year. So excited that my Nano excitement is overshadowing my Halloween excitement. But this year, I have a plan and a plot and I just can't wait to get started, but I have to...BOOO!!

A question for my readers: What's the point of severe horniness after you have ended a relationship and haven't had sex for awhile? For me there always seemed to be a point where you were crazy for sex and hated the thought of romance. But if you made it past that point without having sex, then you could go without for quite awhile. I'd like to hear other people's opinions. 6 weeks? Three months? Six months? Tell me, tell me!

That postion has been filled

I hate that phrase. I found out officially this week that I did not get the BRCC job. I was pretty sure that was what was going to happen, but it still made me a little sad to hear those words.

In other news. I am so over my uterus and whatever organ it is that produces hormones. Seriously over them. I have been up and down and all around this weekend and for no reason. Well no outside reason. I'm tired of being a giggly giddy school girl one minute, a sobbing baby the next, only to be so tired afterwards that I feel like I have mono. I just want to feel normal.

Lazy bones

That's how I'm feeling tonight. I skipped out on kickball and am instead am watching the biggest loser and playing on the internet.

I love Jillian Michaels. I want her to train me. I really, really do.

I need to get back in control of my health. I feel like I've been making excuses. I know I've been making excuses. I need to stop. I just have to remember how.